Young Reacts #37


My org is making a big push to adopt GraphQL, and I want to make sure we do it the right way. Starting this week, I am reading one GraphQL article a day to learn what makes a decent GraphQL schema and indexing my learnings.

People ❤️

Millennials Rely on ‘Side Hustles’ to Climb the Corporate Ladder ($)

There are many new kinds of jobs now. And there is no guarantee that your job will be around till you retire. I see these extracurriculars as a good investment. You may learn new skills, build new networks, or find your true passion.

Opinions and Social Pressure

This paper is a classic on group thinking. The result may look obvious. But it made me think about how I would act in the face of majority opposition. (By the way, the graphs commit the data visualization sin of changing axis.)

Business 💸

Paid Email Newsletters Are Proving Themselves As A Meaningful Revenue Generator For Writers

As the article says, old is new again. I believe people are tired of being intermediated by platforms’ algorithms. You choose what you write and what you read. This feeling of independence is refreshing.

Software Engineering ⚙️


Here are the articles I read on GraphQL this week:

On GraphQL Schemas

To create a future-proof GraphQL schema: GraphQL Schema Design: Building Evolvable Schemas

To understand pagination best practices:

On GraphQL Mutations

To create readable and maintainable mutations: Designing GraphQL Mutations

To leverage domain-driven design: GraphQL Mutation Design: Anemic Mutations

Web 🌐

Intro to Font Metrics and Deep dive CSS: font metrics, line-height and vertical-align

I always wondered how to align texts of different sizes and fonts. I often resort to using some magic numbers such as

margin-top: 3px;

The second article explains how you can normalize the alignments across different fonts (not the size though). Today I learned.

Links vs. Buttons in Modern Web Applications

Unsemantic HTML is not only inaccessible but also developer-unfriendly. The semantic web starts with small things like using anchors and buttons correctly.

How to stop your spinner from jumping in React

Another cool application of a CSS variable passed in via inline CSS. I learned this first from Staggered CSS Transitions.

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